The Deadly Divas 🇬🇧

These sideshow showgirls perform amazing feats on and above the stage

Lucy ‘Lucyfer’ Fraser 

This tantalising hula hoop queen will astonish you with her daring aerialist act, trained from a very young age at Wookey Hole Circus School

Jade ‘Destiny’ Morgan

She always wanted to run away with the circus, and fate led her to The Circus of Horrors where all will be revealed… literally!

Anastasia IV & Hannibal Hellmuerto 🇵🇱🇩🇪

Freak Show Power Couple Royalty

Husband and wife, sword swallower and hair hanging goddess, both pushing the boundaries of what is humanly possible to the limits and bringing the extreme to the mainstream. This odd couple have been featured in ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’ and hold numerous Guinness World Records

The Serpent Sisters 🇲🇳

Anna Baballoona & Azaa Zaya

Direct from Mongolia, this dynamic and dynamite duo, Anna and Zaya, will serve you up a masterclass in grace and movement. This year’s production will feature their mind bending foot archery and aerial contortion act.

Gore Doom 🇲🇽

Gordon Marquez

This whirlwind juggler is making a return to The Circus of Horrors. A fan favourite and a well-seasoned performer, he has exhibited his talent on stages across the globe. His act oozes both style and skill.

Baby Lame 🇬🇧

Punk-horror-drag superstar Baby Lame has been wowing audiences with her unique brand of twisted comedy for the last decade. She is the MC and co-producer of iconic circus-club night Mimi’s and the creator of the underground cabaret revue Shit Show.

Baby’s debut solo show ‘Final Baby Girl!’ Received rave reviews at Edinburgh Fringe and recently completed a sold out run at London’s Soho Theatre.

Other media work includes co-hosting the Official Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK Podcast with Scarlett Moffatt for BBC Sounds and Radio 1.

Charity Kase 🇬🇧

London’s Queen of the Monsters, Charity Kase is known for her wicked looks and enticing characters. She enchanted viewers on Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK with her freakish flare, combining glamour with the grotesque and has continued to shock, surprise and gag audiences on stages across the world. Be prepared for a beautiful bloodbath.

The Voodoo King 🇹🇿

The double-jointed human marvel, this extreme contortionist bends over backwards to bring you the absolute best in spooky entertainment.

Blue Jigsaw🇨🇭

The human pin cushion performs feats of body mutilation that you will not believe possible. He will have you on the edge of your seat when not falling off it with laughter.

Priest and Pandora 🇨🇴

Juan Carlos & Sofia Valentina

The newest addition to The Circus of Horrors, whose characters are based on the cult classic horror movie ‘The Exorcist’. Featuring blood curdling aerial artistry, something wicked this way comes…

Killer Klowns

These mischievous minions are a fan favourite. Like Stephen King’s ‘It’, they lurk in the shadows bringing to life your greatest fears, but like everything in The Circus of Horrors, all balanced out with a big dose of humour.

The Carnevil Warriors 🇹🇿

Black Spider Acrobatics Group led by Rama Ding Dong

This group of astonishing acrobats have been a permanent feature in The Circus of Horrors productions, They have amazed audiences all over the world with their unique style, high energy performances and fire stunts that are simply unmatched.


Dr. Haze’s Interceptors From Hell 🇬🇧🇧🇷🇵🇪

Dr. Haze’s band has featured some exceptional musicians over the years and the 2024 production is no exception. The Interceptors from Hell expertly bring to life a huge repertoire of original songs written and composed by Dr. Haze, which provide a perfect backbone for the acts featured in the show. Dr. Haze’s musical inventions have always been an integral part of what drives the show forward, whilst allowing the musicians to make their own mark on the material.

Fronting the band for the second year running is Hellspeth – the Queen of Darkness – with over ten years of professional performance experience, which includes appearances in London’s West End. Her versatile vocals are a real treat for the audiences as she takes us on a rock n’ roller coaster rider through the ‘Cabaret of Curiosities’.

Elspeth ‘Hellspeth’ Foster Vocals

Sam ‘Professor Meinheimer’ Hicks Musical Director/Keyboards

‘Jungle Faced’ Jake Priestley Guitar

Vinnie ‘Vicious’ Colla Bass Guitar

Joseph ‘José’ Samaneigo Drums


Technical Team

Connor ‘Conco the Brave’ Flynn Technical Manager / Lighting Design / Disaster Management

Danny ‘Boy’ Glen Technical Swing / Exotic Dancer

Marc ‘The Pornstar’ Mills Lighting Assistant / Electrician / Slut Drop Extraordinaire

James ‘Jame’ Simmons Sound Engineer

JakeCrimpy’ Taulbut Lighting Assistant

Killer Crew

Anastasia IV Director / Costume Design / Social Media & Marketing / Tour Manager

Chris ‘Shep’ Shepherd King of the Road

Andy Dingley Prop Design / Special Effects

Robin Ashley Costume Department

Sam Hicks AV / Web Design

Corey Roberts Videographer

Simone Shenton Programme Design

Larry De Wit Health & Safety Consultant

‘Jimmy Jammy’ Jamie Keedy Vehicle Logistics

Alex James / Yanna Banana HGV Maintenance & Emergency Personnel

Lucy Fraser Human Resources / Candy Distribution